The General Store for Polish, Czech and German Texans. It's hip to know your roots!

About Us

Texas Slavic and German Warehouse (TSG Warehouse) is owned and operated by Denise and Jason Gouge. Both grew up in the tiny Polish town of Bremond, TX where Polish pride and traditions abound. Being Texas born and from Polish/German families themselves, pride was not lacking though traditions were becoming more diluted with each passing generation.

Texas Slavic & German Warehouse is their small attempt to keep these traditions alive and kicking in the great state of Texas and across the good ol' USA.
So… whether you are of Polish, German or Czech decent or whether you just enjoy celebrating with family and friends with your favorite beverage, Texas Slavic & German Warehouse is the place for you.
Cheers! - in whatever language you like to say it in:

Na zdrowie!
Na zdravi!

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