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Polish Pisanki Eggs

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Polish pisanka (plural pisanki) or jaja wielkanocne (Easter eggs); piski, kraszonki is a common name for an egg (usually that of a chicken, although goose or duck eggs are also used) richly ornamented using various techniques. The word pisanka is derived from the verb 'pisać' which in contemporary Polish means exclusively 'to write' yet in old Polish meant also 'to paint'. Originating as a pagan tradition, pisanki were absorbed by Christianity to become the traditional Easter egg. Pisanki are now considered to symbolize the revival of nature and the hope that Christians gain from faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


These traditional Polish eggs make a great gift. They are made to tell a story about the person you are giving them to! They are very meaningful and make wonderful gift ideas!


Please allow us to choose which eggs you recieve, or if you have preferences, feel free to email us!

As they have been for thousands of years, today’s pysanky are made as gifts. Usually given to family members and respectable people, these eggs are covered with designs meant to represent who they’re gifted to. While some are decorated with plant and animal motifs, the most popular designs are geometric, with the egg divided into triangles and squares that are then filled with other symbols. Of course, each symbol has a meaning. A diamond, for example, represents knowledge, curls offer protection, and waves symbolize great wealth. - See more at:

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