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Waltz To Westphalia DVD Documentary

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The documentary DVD tells the fascinating story of a Polish folk song’s metamorphosis into an American country fiddle classic.  INTERVIEWS INCLUDE folks from the tiny Polish settlement of BREMOND, TX!!

From the mills of New England and the coal mines of Pennsylvania, to the farms of Wisconsin and the boisterous taverns of Chicago, “Pytala Sie Pani” was a unifying and bawdy favorite that the overworked, underpaid, ostracized and homesick Polish-Americans sang to forget the Great Depression. Victor (1930) and Columbia (1937) both recorded it. Publishers in Chicago (Sajewski) and Philadelphia (Podgorski) sold the sheet music Steve Okonski, a fiddler from Bremond, Texas’s largest Polish settlement, brought the tune from Chicago to BREMOND, TX in the late 1930's. But in Westphalia, just 35 miles west of Bremond, the locals gave it a different name. 

Cotton Collins, a gifted Texas fiddler, recorded the piece in 1946 with the Waco-area band the Lone Star Playboys. Collins had re-interpreted the piece as a Texas fiddle waltz and named it after the small Texas village of Westphalia, just 34 miles south of Waco .

Hank Thompson’s well-produced recording from 1955, with Capitol’s national promotion and distribution, elevated the “Westphalia Waltz” to national exposure, where it enchanted fiddlers and listeners alike.


Produced by Joe Weed.

  Run time 60 minutes. 

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