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Silent Night Nativity Nesting Doll 5pc 6in

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SKU: 174053 Silent Night Nativity Nesting Doll 5pc 6in
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This nesting nativity set makes a most original holiday decoration and gift. Certainly a season favorite!


The timeless text of the world's most famous Christmas carol is beautifully illustrated on this most original Russian nesting doll.

The Silent Night of Christ's birth is depicted on the second doll in the set, but visible through an opening cut in the first doll, which frames the holy scene. This roughly cut opening appears to be the mouth of a cave, which in Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox traditions symbolizes Earth and all of God's creation, and reminds us at once of the womb, and the tomb.

The full Nativity set becomes complete when the set of 5 dolls is unnested. Three kings riding camels, following the star of Bethlehem, opens to shepherds hearing the good news. The last doll in the set features a peace dove symbolic of the Holy Spirit. The first stanza of Silent Night is actually printed on the back of the largest doll.


Hand Painted/ Decoupage. Hand carved in the Upper Volga region, then hand painted by Russian artists in St. Petersburg, Russia. The bottom of the largest doll gets stamped with Golden Cockerel.

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